Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Bill Gates, my hero

A review of the interview Bill Gates gave in Paris last wednesday, with pictures and videos! http://supelec.netclass.free.fr/PhotosBillGates/

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

here's another answer to Henri's question: "Can you tell me once again, in simple terms, what RSS is?"

Cobuild Concordance and Collocations Sampler

Cobuild Concordance and Collocations Sampler
This is the site that lets you search in the collection of 56 million words that were used to create the Cobuild Dictionary!

Hello Kitty meeting gothic horror

Do you know Hello Kitty ? this nice little cat from Japan having "kawai" adventures ?
Do you know Chtulhu and Lovecraft's gothic horror universe ?
Well, here is a funny mix of both !


Monday, November 15, 2004

New technology...

Here are a few examples of gadgets that will (or won't) be used in the future.


Nicolas H.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Sorry Everybody

Sorry Everybody

an interesting post-election site!

Friday, November 12, 2004

ZDNet AnchorDesk: Dealing with technology in real life

ZDNet AnchorDesk: Dealing with technology in real life

interesting column...

also concerning "always on, everywhere!"
here is the news from SF....
And what have you seen recently that's interesting?

"October 27, 2004

The end of the hot spot
Already famous for his backing of same-sex marriage and his wife's recent overshare, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom is finally making tech headlines instead.
"We will not stop until every San Franciscan has access to free wireless Internet service," Newsom said in his state of the city address last week. "Every San Franciscan" equals about 740,000 people in 46.7 square miles. Beyond being a generous offer from the mayor, the announcement points to a fundamentally more useful way to think of Wi-Fi: hot spot-free and seamless .
When Wi-Fi is seamless, everything changes. You won't have to screw with glitchy, goofy, 3G cell phones for a data connection on your hip. A device like a Treo becomes much more useful. And instead of using a cellular  phone, you might just run VoIP software on a Wi-Fi PDA. Tasty.
The cellular carriers and phone makers have been overpromising 3G for so long, I'd love it if we just skip right over it as consumers. Besides, digital cell phones sound so bad, VoIP on your hip has to be an improvement in audio quality.
With seamless Wi-Fi, the in-car radio business could really be turned on its ear. I've spoken to several start-up stage firms that want to make Wi-Fi the new car radio, opening up your commute to thousands of interesting Webcasts instead of the tedium the major broadcast companies have made radio. I'd love it if we could shove those 22-minute commercial loads and junk syndicated content right up their greedy, overleveraged, Wall Street-beholden asses.
And finally, seamless Wi-Fi will also improve our appreciation for coffee. You'll actually be able to find a place to sit  at Starbucks once the high-tech hoboes realize they can get a Wi-Fi connection somewhere else.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Free.fr account

It's great to have 100Mb to store data for Netclass presentations.
But how to use a FTP client (LeechFTP or CuteFTP for example) to upload and delete files on a server?

In fact, if you are not in Supelec, a FTP client is not mandatory to upload or delete files on the free.fr account : you may just write this command in the adress bar of your internet browser :
(where you replace "login" and "password" by your own information)
But it's not really a good idea, as it requires a lot of resources.

Finally, an another solution can be found here : Free is currently developping a web interface to access to FTP accounts. It is very useful & user-friendly.

(Thanks to Alexandre, errors disappeared. Sorry.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

- International Writing Exchange Advanced (IWE Red)

- International Writing Exchange Advanced (IWE Red)

this is the advanced writing project that I encourage you to participate in!

just do it!


webspace for supelec.netclass.free.fr

Index of the supelec.netclass.free.fr/

dear students,

here is a good place to place the webpages of your presentations... then you can link to here from the blog!

I'll send you the ftp info and pass by email!


Somebody spoke about love ?

Here they are our best love websites !!

And one shall not forget our russians girls !!

Good luck, i hope it will help you... ;-)

Fun french sites

U can find some great and fun websites, have an eye on them:

enjoy !

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


These robots vacuum by themselves. They can detect walls. They will calculate a map of your room and vacuum it entirely. They will go under your bed where it is usually very hard to dust. I think I need one of those!


Free but expensive ?

Free software, particularly operating systems, are now quite "fashionable" in the industry. Many people think that thanks to Linux and other open source and free software, they will save money. It's obviously right for you or me, but for a company, the problem is slightly different. A few studies showed that a complete switching from Microsoft environment to Linux system is likely to be very expensive for a company which has always been running Microsoft software : this article or this one will give you a few details. However, this is a very hot topic, and surveys can sometimes be questionable. (OK, I know this article is taken from The Enquirer ...)

Indeed, evaluating the different costs linked to a computer system is really difficult : switching from Microsoft system to Linux implies a great need of expensive training. Fortunately, the question is far simpler for individual users like us : testing free or open source software will not cost you anything ;) And you do not need hours of training to use Firefox, for example ...


Mozilla Firefox 1.0 was released today. You may try to download it here, or anywhere else as their servers have a lot of connections today :)

You can go and celebrate this event : just find a party organised near where you live.

Here's a list of the best add-ons available



Download and FTP


Mail & Chat
  • Gmail Notifier (1.0) - Add shortcut to your Gmail account and tells you if you've got mail

  • ChatZilla (1.0) - An IRC client IRC

  • BBCode (1.0) - Display a menu for BB code options



  • It's possible to import your configuration from IE thanks to "import" option in the file menu. Bookmarks, passwords and cache are included

Written thanks to Cafzone, kineox, Zgoblin ans others

Monday, November 08, 2004

Nerds : another quarell

In a Slashdot news, we can find back our friends nerds from Novell and Microsoft that were "acting" in the nerds video documentary last two weeks : "This morning Novell announced that it had settled a potential law suit with Microsoft related to its NetWare product line. Microsoft agreed to pay $536 million to Novell, but this is not the end as there is another litigation against them pertaining to WordPerfect." By the way, with WordPerfect, we are again going back to the great time of the beginning of this "nerds adventure". The affair is available in details at this address.


Saturday, November 06, 2004

speech accent archive

speech accent archive

Every wondered about the different accents in English?
Here are some interesting examples!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Free music downloads on SoundClick.com

Hi everyone !

If you miss the old mp3.com and if you want to discover new music,
check out this site : www.soundclick.com
It offers streaming audio and free music downloads from well-known artists and, which is the most important : unsigned bands.
The site currently is adding more than 40,000 songs each month, and over 5,000 bands.
(Currently there are 777,752 songs and 128,428 bands)
For musicians, Soundclick offers a free artist page, a gig calendar, and most importantly, unlimited song uploads. This is one of the best free sites for independent musicians to promote themselves.

US election results

On the CNN site, you can find every results about the us election (president, senate,....) for each county, with very interesting figures such as:
- who did the church attendants vote for?
- who did the hispanic women between 30 and 45 vote for?
- how many men voted for Bush in Pocahontas (Iowa) ?


Watch Live TV broadcasts on the Internet.

Watch Live TV broadcasts on the Internet.: "Your broadband Portal to watch live TV broadcasts and on demand TV broadcasts on the Internet
(wwiTV.com is an index to streaming media available on the web)
Travel to 3000 live feeds and on demand video & audio streams

This should interest our Russian participant, Gallina! There are several Russian streams!

- International Writing Exchange Advanced (IWE Red)

- International Writing Exchange Advanced (IWE Red)

This is the writing project I suggested you participate in!
do it...!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Happy Tree Friends

I'm sure everybody know Happy Tree Friends, however, it is still a pleasure to watch the last episodes...


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Wiki is good for you ...

Antoine managed to set up a very good wiki page, so I would like to post a few links about this technology.

This first link deals with wiki being a very convenient way to share datas in companies. It's easier to set up than huge programs like Lotus Notes, more resistant to viruses than e-mail and easy to use. However, good access control is needed in order to avoid spam or data loss. But on the other hand, these constraints are also a good way to make people aware of their responsibilities and to motivate them !

This second page was extracted from a teacher's blog who experimented wiki in school thanks to software developped by himself. The article is quite technical, but to put it in a nutshell, Frank Carver discovered that wiki pages can lead to simultaneous edit problems because when using it in class, the system is very likely to be overwhelmed with requests. He is also working on differents methods to properly manage the problems created by simultaneous edits.

And to conclude, here is a link to a collaborative study of romanticism by students, which was created thanks to wiki technology. In this page, you will find what was made possible thanks to wiki.

Have fun with wiki ;)

More about P2P

To remember you the presentation you heard last week:

Peer-to peer is a type of internet connection.
It means client to client connection.

  • Some are with central servers which gather information about the files shared by the different computers and organise the connections between them:
    p2p hybrid like donkey kazaa
  • Others are only based on a computer network: p2p native like gnutella

Here there are some interesting sites to download the program that is used by some p2p hybrid services.

Kazaa: http://www.kazaa.com
Edonkey: http://www.edonkey2000.com
Bittorrent: http://bt.degreez.com



Monday, November 01, 2004

Wiki again!

Coding a wiki site by myself was (is) unthinkable. That's why I was looking for embedded solutions to create a free wiki site.
www.seedwiki.com provides good solutions, tested with the great help of Didier. Other possibilities here.

The Netclass Wiki Site (direct link) may be reached via www.seedwiki.com, by searching for 'netclass' at top right of the page.

Here are the parameters of the accounts created (one @seedwiki, one @yahoo.com) :
first name : netclass
last name : supelec
Email : netclass_supelec@yahoo.com
password : benenson (deserved tribute ;-)
name of the blog : netclass

Each page of the wiki may obviously be edited (click on "edit page", upper left menu). Write what you want, yhen click on "Save changes".

Mistakes don't cause big problems, as anyone may correct them, and even publish again an old version of the site if it was cleared. Go to "versions" (left menu), click on the date you want to go back, then click on "edit page" (left menu) and finally "Save changes".

To create a new page, just write [TitleOfYourNewPage] in the page you want the link to YourNewPage appear.

Your new Bible to master SeedWiki is here : The SeedWiki Book.

If you create an account @seedwiki (it's completely free) you gain access to admin options, you can see reports about our pages and modify settings. But obviously, you don't need to be logged in or to have an account @seedwiki to change the content of the pages.

A problem with www.seedwiki.com is that accounts whose pages aren't modified during 30 days may be deactivated.

It's really great to collaborate with friends or other people you don't know thanks to a wiki website. Even if the technical background isn't perfect, you may really enjoy this experience!!

Thank you, Didier!

Ig Nobels!


Do you know the Ig Nobels? They used to award research that should never have been done. Now they award research that "first makes people laugh, then makes them think", which is a more PC way of saying it! But they are still very funny.
My favorite one is the 2004 Medecine Ig Nobel. The authors have studied the effect of country music on suicide... They have pursued a lot of statistical analysis and have concluded that even if country music is not the only reason for suicide it probably is a major one! The 2003 Ig Nobel was given to a group for presenting evidence that the brains of London taxi drivers are more developed than those of other citizens...

The awards are given at a ceremony in Harvard. Most of the awarded scientists come and celebrate!