Monday, December 15, 2003

welcome to the blog!

welcome to the newest members of the blog!
Emmanuel, Antoine, Sebastian, Pierre, Jean-Francois, etc...

I've made you all "administrators" so you can also invite and approve other members and add links to the template!

A good class on Wednesday! And a very good vacation and holiday season! Merry and Happy,


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knowing weather is so important !

Imagine that tomorrow you've got to go to Bucharest or to Stockholm or even more far. Should you take an umbrella or skis ? I've got the answer, it is the weather forecasts. Why not this one ? It is Meteo France:

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Just a little game

Have fun with this one :-)

Need a Dictionnary ?

If you don't have a dictionnary, then this site is for you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

what's on rebecca's portal?

what's on rebecca's portal?

BBC World Home Page

BBC World Home Page this is what we saw in class

Everything about first names

If you want to know where your first name comes from, or if you want to know how many people have the same first name as you in france, just go to

For example, the most popular first names in france are Jean for men (1.329.909 men have that name in 2000) and Marie for the women (1.349.090 women have that name in 2000) !

Welcome to Sequence Two

Sequence Two...

welcome to sequence two ... today we'll have our first class and will define what will happen in our next 5 classes of the sequence.

I hope the blog will be a useful team-blog for all of us to use.... (all of us!)


ps... i've tried to set the blog so it sends email messages to all of the class members ( whenever someone posts... let me know if this works!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Mairie de Paris-Education- Envie d'amphi
This looks interesting.... "How to create your own company" is one of the lectures at the ENST on Saturday morning!
It's just too bad that it's all in French! ;-)